Postpartum Depression : A Form Of Depression

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Postpartum depression is a form of depression that occurs in new mother. Some symptoms include weight and appetite changes, feelings of hopelessness and sadness, sleep problems and loss of pleasure from daily activities. Some possible triggers include lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed and stress. Women who have previously experienced depression may be more at risk. Fathers can also suffer from postpartum depression. Reduce your risk of postpartum depression by taking care of yourself during your pregnancy. Eat a proper diet, with plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Exercise when you feel up to it. Eliminate stress in your life. Learn deep breathing techniques, practice meditation or take up yoga. To help reduce the likelihood that postpartum depression will occur, establish a plan for reducing stress after the birth. The new responsibility of an infant may require you to lean on others for support. Plan how you will divide childcare responsibilities. For instance, you could take turns with the father to handle nighttime feeding. You could also ask family members to baby-sit once per week. Make sure plenty of people will be there to surround you and support you after the birth of your child, such as friends and family members. Consider joining a support group for new mothers. Financial difficulties may also cause stress after the baby is born. Before the birth, develop a financial strategy. You may have to cut back on your expenses. Ask other
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