Postpartum Depression : Causes And Effects

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Postpartum Depression in Rural U.S Communities Amanda L. Ruiz Widener University

The overview of this article is postpartum depression in rural Unites States communities. Researchers search to find the causes and effects of postpartum depression in rural US communities. There are many reasons this is a problem because it not only effects women but it effects children, the family unit as a whole, communities and many other areas as well. There are people that move to rural areas because the cost of living can be cheaper and a family that is trying to save money could view rural home life as a way to save money. There can be a downside though this becomes the lack of quality healthcare, poor education opportunities, distance is typically too far for many to be able to see quality services this all aides in the problems with Postpartum Depression. Nurses are the frontline in spotting postpartum depression and there needs to be more screening for this major problem.
Research topic/purpose
The research topic of this article is to find out and understand why rural communities have woman with higher postpartum depression than other communities. The purpose is to have the nursing staff heave better and more
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