Postpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment

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When Postpartum Depression Leads to Psychosis According to authors Susan Dowd Stone and Alexis E. Menken postpartum depression can start during pregnancy which is called perinatal disorder (2008). During pregnancy, women can suffer through mood disorders which are a leading cause of postpartum depression. Women who are screened and diagnosed for depression are most likely to have postpartum depression. Doctors know to keep a close watch on these women who are found positive for depression. After giving birth, the woman will develop postpartum depression; this can lead to postpartum psychosis when women do not receive the help that they need. There are women known to have killed their children due to having postpartum depression or psychosis. If these women had asked their family or doctor for help this may not have happened. During pregnancy a woman’s hormones change. Having a baby can be stressful to the new mother. Postpartum depression is normal for new moms due to the change in hormones. New moms find that during the first few weeks of their newborns life, their schedule is hectic. Babies are up at odd hours of the night, and new moms find that they are dealing with sleep deprivation, especially when there are other children to care for. This is the time when help from family members would help a mother who is dealing with postpartum depression. Postpartum depression only last for a short period of time, until the hormone levels even. There are signs and
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