Postpartum Depression : Symptoms And Treatment

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Postpartum Depression
Monica Hufford
Eastern Florida State College
Spring 2016
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Postpartum Depression This paper give a in depth description of five different articles, all with the main subject being postpartum depression. The first three description are of experiments that have been carried out on postpartum depression, in the explanation of these journals the purpose, hypothesis, procedures, participants, results and limitations will be discussed. The last two articles will review and summarized in detail the information article. In this paper, there will be in depth description on ways to treat postpartum depression, ways to predicts the probability an individual will develop postpartum. 8-15% of all new mother’s experience postpartum depression. Postpartum can last anywhere from one month to one year long. Not only does postpartum effect the wellbeing of the mother, but also effects the child in numerous ways. When a mother suffers from postpartum it effects the mother-child relationship, there is a disconnect. When a mother suffers from postpartum it affects her parenting, which also inevitably effect a child’s behavior and can cause delay in cognition. Clark, Tluczek and Wenzel (2003) carried out an experiment to show the significance of using a different, non-traditional treatment when dealing with postpartum depression. They hypothesized in this study that when comparing the traditional treatment for postpartum depression to
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