Postpartum Haemorrhage : A Serious And Traumatic Experience For The Woman

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Postpartum haemorrhage is a serious and traumatic experience for the woman, the family, and also the health professionals involved. A primary postpartum haemorrhage is considered to be bleeding from the genital tract that exceeds 500ml at any time 24 hours post birth (Marshall, 2014). A loss of 1000ml or greater is considered to be a severe haemorrhage and most likely can have detrimental and life long effects on the woman (Marshall, 2014). During one of my post natal experiences, I came across a woman, Jessa, whom was considered to be a low risk pregnancy, and had just given birth to her third baby. She was at 34 weeks gestation with no significant problems throughout the pregnancy. One morning she had woken up to strong pains believed to be contractions and was rushed by her husband straight to the hospital where she had precipitate labour and had in less than 1 hour given birth to her baby. Due to the vigorous and fast contractions, her uterus was given no time to sufficiently retract, she suffered a third degree tear and combined, resulted in Jessa having a 8L postpartum haemorrhage (Marshall, 2014). Following this traumatic event, the physiological care of her perineum and psychological support required were going to be quite significant aspects of her post natal care. Immediately following the haemorrhage, Jessa was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit in which she was given continuous blood transfusions. Her baby was suffering from respiratory distress and was…
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