Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder(commonly known as PTSD) is disorder that occurs after an event which has had a traumatizing effect on an individual. A traumatizing event would include life threatening events, emotionally traumatic events, terrifying events, and even rape. The effects of PTSD are anxiety, violent rages, consistent nightmares, and terrifying flashbacks. Symptoms of PTSD usually emerge after 3 months after the incident, but symptoms can also be evident even years later. Individuals that experience a traumatic event are most likely to develop PTSD. There are five different types of PTSD. These types include: Normal Stress Response, Acute Stress Disorder, Uncomplicated PTSD, Comorbid PTSD, And Complex PTSD. Normal Stress Response(NSR) can occur in adults who have been in a single traumatizing event. Examples can include divorce, loss of job, and loss of a loved one. People with NSR often experience feelings of unreality, numbing of emotions, and stress. Typically, these people tend to push away others. This type of PTSD can be easily overcome by engaging in small groups and having positive conversations.
The second type of PTSD is Acute Stress Disorder(ASD). This type of PTSD usually occurs within a month of a severe traumatic stressor. For example, it could be a death of a loved one, a threat of some kind to the individual, whether it be to oneself or another. The symptoms of this type can range from feeling numb to insomnia and even having flashbacks.
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