Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be defined as “ a complex disorder in which a person’s memory, emotional responses, intellectual process, and nervous system have been disrupted by one or more traumatic experiences”(Swan & Persis, 2016). It is trauma and stressor related, a disorder that depends on a factor outside a person. Types of events that can lead to the development of PTSD include physical assault, rape and sexual assault, military combat, torture, mass violence, natural disasters, transportation or workplace disasters, explosions and fires, life-threatening epidemics and radiation. Repeated traumas or being exposed to long duration of traumas may also cause symptoms of PTSD. There are biochemical, physiologic, sociocultural, together with occupational factors and personal variables involved in the development of PTSD (Swan & Persis, 2016). Health risks associated with PTSD include cardiovascular, digestive musculoskeletal and respiratory disorders. Also cancer, infectious diseases, suicide, homicide and drug overdose (Heavey, 2014).
In accordance with Sabella (2012), approximately seven point seven million people from ages eighteen and above suffer from PTSD in the United States. From every one hundred people, about seven or eight Americans will have PTSD at some point at their lives. A traumatic event possibly involving an assault is more likely to result in PTSD on both woman and child than with a man; which may result in long standing debilitating
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