Postwar Period And Japan During World War II Essay

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Postwar period made Japan change a big part of their life. In Edo period, there was social change in Japan, which was samurai class is ruined and merchant class was raised. Therefore, the economy and the interchange with Western countries became important. Since the Meiji period starts, the civilization had occurred very quickly in Japan, and now they tried to start expanding the overseas. That was the starting point of how they start participating in the World War early 1900s. However, the war did not cause a good result for Japan, and it caused a big damage to them. After World War II, they should suffer with family for survive in Japan. Therefore, most Japanese family had to change their lifestyle and were being severed in the new situation. That is the one of the biggest reason of social changes in postwar Japan. After they were affected by the World War II, their sense of value, ideology, and thought of life are all changed, and most of traditional naive rules are broken. There are two novels which describes about the exchange of the postwar Japan with the symbolism. Both works showed many symbols to depict the Japan’s circumstance. There is a first novel is “Prize Stock”, written by Oe Kenzaburo in 1958. The story begin with the kids who lives in the small town, and the narrator Frog is telling the happening about meeting the American black soldier from a fallen combat plane. The town people doesn’t know much about the outside of the world which there is the
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