Pot Bellied Pigs

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Shelley Mazoue’

The Potbellied Pig is just as good a pet as a dog, they're known to be one of the smartest animals to train in your home.

Since the potbellied pig is smart and very trainable owning a own pig as a pet can be a wonderful experience. As the potbellied pig has become more popular as a pet, so has the information to care for him/her. Pigs have a lot of good qualities, which makes them very good pets. Pigs are very intelligent and learn right from wrong very quickly. Pigs are just like humans, they become dependent and confident in their owners. If pigs are taken care properly, you will have a new best friend. If shown their boundaries, you will have yourself a happy and healthy companion. Before deciding on your new pig
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A reward every time they do well is recommended. Do not overfeed, pigs do not know when they are full and will eat till they get themselves sick. The pig being so intelligent has unlimited learning. They will respond to their name, and they are easily trained to a litter box. Pigs are not really dirty animals, they clean themselves constantly. The potbellied pig’s diet is very extremely important. By the age of 14 weeks he/she should be ready for real food. They need minerals in their diet, this is very important. (Iron, copper, calcium, iodine, potassium, manganese), they need their mini pig pellets; the proper measurements are on the bag. Now their natural foods, there are quite a few. (Carrots, spinach, soybeans, beet tops, dried lentils, unripe peas, kidney beans, broccoli, celery dried potatoes, apples, grapes, apricots, cherry, plum, bananas, Oatmeal is one of their favorites, toast or baked a bread). A lot of water is recommended milk is one of their favorites too. ((NO DOG FOOD)) it is not healthy for them at all. Piggy needs his own toys, just for him. They are very strong, so the typical toys they will tear into pieces. Mr. or Mrs. Piggy is easily entertained. A pile of newspapers so they can tear it to pieces will keep him/her busy for hours. Cardboard boxes, they love to crawl in and out. Old cushions; they use their noses to throw things, so soft cushions tend to not break things. The teeth and jaws are very strong (do not place your fingers in a

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