Potato Powered Clock

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Potato Powered Clock

Theory: Potato as a Battery

Hypothesis: Potatoes have starch in them which is a natural sugar that can be broken down naturally for a release of energy and generate enough power to run a digital clock.

Problem Statement: Can ordinary potatoes power a digital clock for more than 24 hours?

Variables: * Independent Variable – Potato * Dependent Variables – Clock, connection wires, copper and zinc plates

Materials Needed: * Digital Clock with 2 Wires * 6.25” Connecting Wire * Transparent Tape * 2 4” Copper Strips * 2 4” Zinc Strips * 2 Potatoes (Oranges worked too)

Background: How it works * A potato can be used as a battery by using strips of zinc and copper in the
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* When a crystal is struck by an electronic pulse, it vibrates. A microelectronic circuit makes the pulse and measures the vibration rate. The vibration rate is used as a time standard.

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* A potato is more than just a side dish. * It can also be an electrochemical battery where a chemical reaction occurs in a liquid between two different

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