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Potential Customers for my product My product, The Twisted Twirl could and would be aimed at a large range of customers to ensure that it is successful and reaches a larger audience. The first group of potential customers that my product would be for would be people who are on diets. It also could be aimed at teenagers who want to try and experiment with a new type of chocolate bar with unique chocolate bar ingredients. This product would be a nice change of original chocolate bars that are in the current market and therefore may attract new customers towards these types of products. This could benefit my product greatly as the amount of potential customers would increase if they attracted to something new within a similar market. The age…show more content…
They would be targeted because my product would want to be as successful as possible with the biggest amount of profit earned. By choosing a specific market for my product it allows the product to penetrate a set amount of people. This can be very effective for a chocolate bar as it would be more successful if aimed at a larger audience as it would open the product to more customers which would increase the sales for the product. I feel like my product being branded by Nestle would be more successful for the target group in which my product is aimed at. This is because Nestle is a very successful organisation that deals with chocolate based products; they also would suit my product much better than other organisations such as Mars. Nestle are also well known for working within this kind of product age range so it would increase the amount of success for my product. Another reason why this group was selected for my product was because my group can be seen as very versatile which allows my product to have a higher chance of succeeding and performing well within its market. This group would be selected for my new product after doing research into socio-demographic factors. This will include information such as people’s age, economic status and their ethicality. These factors were used and taken into consideration when selecting my target group for my product. It’s

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