Potential Difficulties With Diverse Clients: Case Study

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Include assessment recommendations (e.g., Hays' ADDRESSING framework), theoretical considerations, and possible techniques that research has found to be effective. Be specific. Pamela Hays addressing framework is particular helpful and effective. The framework allows for a systemic yet simplistic method in which to learn more about a particular culture. The framework begins with addressing any cultural related issues from their inception. Questions such as, "Which of this ADDRESSING factors might be easier for me to talk about and why"¦" have a very profound impact on the overall interpersonal relationship. This framework easily provides the user with a clear understanding on one's personal cultural profile. This profile can subsequently be used in addressing many of the other components of the ADDRESSING factors (Diller, 2008). Namely, the age and generational issues will have an impact on the individuals and his perception of culture. Through this framework, the user will gain a clear understanding of that influences his thought processes relative to individual culture. Identify potential difficulties with diverse clients. Experts agree that education is a determining factor to the overall wealth of an individual in any society. As the income disparity between the wealthy and middle class becomes more profound, more education will be subsequently needed (Breaden, 2004). The problem of educational inequality has been a difficult aspect for society in general to
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