Potential Hazards In A Health And Social Care Environment

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P1) Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health or social setting
Potential hazards involved in a health and social care environment therefore I will be explaining 10list of hazards in health care sector. My chosen service user group is the elderly infirm. The working environment in which I will be identifying the hazards is a nursing home for the elderly. When you’re working with elderly it is important that you take health and safety into consideration, this because the elderly are started to become really weak and frail, their movement start to become
Slower and moving around can be a lot harder. Walking may be hazardous for the elderly because a elderly may have wasted muscles or have less strength to stop themselves from falling. This is important there no hazard in place which could harm or cause injury to the client. A hazard is something around you that cause harm. There are different types of hazards in nursing home
1) The physical Environment is the surroundings around you. Physical environment hazard: (slippery floor) this can lead to someone falling on the floor if the floor is wet, it is also frustrating for the client and could cause confusion.
2)Poor lighting in the nursing home, this can affect those elderly clients who have poor vision, poor vision makes it hard to see when you moving around this can lead to tripping over. Lighting in rooms of a nursing home is very important as poor lighting is a big hazard especially for
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