Potential Health Effects Of The E Cigarettes

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Future Research Plan In the next five years, I plan to leverage the resources available at Rutgers University with external funding to grow my research program. I plan to investigate exposures to newly developing or changing risks that are difficult to quantify and could have a major impact on society and industry. My research plans have two major thrusts: 1. Develop Exposure Platforms: Develop platforms and methodologies to accurately assess the exposure levels, and characterize the gaseous emissions and particulate matter. Some of the applications of the exposure platforms will be: i. Electronic cigarettes: Investigate the potential health effects of the e-cigarettes by focusing in particular to genotoxicity and their secondary effects on asthma, lung clearance etc. ii. Nano-Enabled Products exposure assessment: Investigation of exposures to nanomaterials during the manufacturing and the use of nano-enabled products. iii. Other exposures: By adapting the developed platforms, I plan to investigate other exposures that are in the interest of other faculty members, such as emissions from novel building materials (solvents, sealants etc), emissions from the application and or usage of textile. 2. Nano-Bio Interactions: Create novel platforms for the direct investigation of the nanoparticle-cell interactions, which are very important both to understand nanotoxicity and develop new Nanotoxicology assessment tools. Development of Exposure Platforms: To proper understand and
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