Potential Location For E Commerce Sales

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Potential location for A4P. With renting 7,000 sq’, rent per month will be $2187.5. This fits the needs for A4P within budget.
A4P’s main competitor, A4 Binder, is located in Texas. This is a great strength for A4P. Since Texas is so far from the east coast, A4P will be able to market to more businesses located on the east coast. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, L3 Communications and other internationally focused businesses will be target customers. By making connections with these local companies, word of mouth will help make connections with the company’s other branches in places such as the Washington Metropolitan Area, Virginia, Maryland, and Charlotte NC. With the density of businesses in the Philadelphia area and being located in the
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A4P will be a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with a partnership with Don Brobst. By having a LLC, A4P will have the “limited liability parts of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership” (CITATION). By having a LLC, A4P’s members will be protected in most cases and it will be easier to share profits.
The first step for the business will be to identify staffing, machinery, and location. A4P will need a hydraulic paper cutter, electric paper drill, two high speed printers, bindery equipment, computer work stations, a credit card machine, material handling equipment, etc. After buying the necessary equipment for the business, the next step is to hire, implement marketing strategies (advertising and pitching), and purchasing inventory. After doing so, A4P will be able to be up and running.
Proposed staffing includes a general manager, associate manager, production supervisor, warehouse/production/cutting personnel (1), part-time customer service rep, two duplicating machine operators, and layout artist. General Manager: In control of staff during working hours. Ensures business quality and assurance. Instills marketing and advertising. Associate Manager: Same role as the general manager, with less hours. The associate manager works simultaneously with the general manager.
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