Potential Merger Of Starhub And Mobile Essay

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2.2.4. Threats SingTel potential merger of StarHub and mobile one will be biggest threats to SingTel’s number one position in Singapore for mobile markets.
With the competitive market, SingTel will have to fight against star hub and mobile one through price, promotions and advertisings since all three companies’ main business are in provision of mobile plans and sales of mobiles. SingTel may need to improve customer service further to create superior customer service that tag to their brand. With the basic SWOT analysis, the advantages of the new product is clear while the potential threat to the new product is also worrying to SingTel. It is the truth in reality that SingTel needs to take the strategic change to keep its lead in the industry and some adaptations based on the analysis could also be applied in marketing plan to avoid or reduce the impact of the some threat and weakness to achieve as much advantages as possible.
2.3 TOWS Analysis TOWS Analysis of SingTel Strengths Weaknesses
1.SingTel Strong Position in Domestic Market
2. Growing and solid Customer Base
3. Presence in more than 20 nations
4. Have an great quality of network and infrastructure
5. 130 years of experience 1.Reliance on joint venture to procure technical know how
2.Fluctuating execution in some country causes decreased revenue and profit
3.Less strong cost management
4.Lack of use of

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