Potential Risk to an Organisation of Committing to an E-Commerce System.

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I am going to be explaining the potential risk to an organisation of committing to an E-commerce system.
E-commerce has many drawbacks. I will be going through these drawbacks that risk an organisation of committing to an E-commerce system. * Advertising and maintaining website * Hackers * Identity theft * Website not being recognised * Viruses * Profit * Delivery

Advertising and maintaining website
A drawback of an Ecommerce is the advertising. If no-one knows it exists it will not generate any revenue. Of course the most effective way of advertising your online business is through the word of mouth, so you need to build a customer base for your business.
Maintaining website is important. Customers want
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Delivery can be a huge drawback when committing to Ecommerce. These could be your packages can be left on your doorstep this can cause someone to steal your purchase or probably damaged. Packages can be delivered at unpredictable times during working hours. Which then you have to wait another 2 days to either receive the product or you have to travel yourself to get your item. Another potential risk to an organisation of committing to an E-commerce is that they delay goods. E-commerce website delivery takes a lot longer to get the goods into your hands.

Viruses can do a multitude of things. Many viruses, which disguise themselves as tracking cookies, are meant to allow access to personal information that you give out over the internet. If you are shopping and this happens, it can be used for identity theft. Viruses can also slow down your computer significantly, destroy vital data, erase information & even shut down your computer.
Your browser is executing code all the time. When it downloads web pages, that code is downloading and displaying arbitrary data, pixels, character’s, etc. Since code is data, if your browser tries to execute the data it might actually run. When a website has a virus find them using anti-virus as anti-virus uses a signature string to locate them. When your website has a virus even when you try to access it from different computers and different servers it will have a strange homepage and the news
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