Potentials And Prospects Of Protected Cultivation Under Hilly Conditions

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Shilpa Kaushal
(shilpakaushal22@gmail.com) 09418797374 Assistant Professor
Baba Farid Group of Institution

Protected cultivation is the concept of growing potential crops in the modified natural environment for ensuring optimum growth of the crop plants without any or least stress and hence offers great scope to harness this potential of growing the high value crops by achieving independence of climate and weather, and to grow these crops during off -season and in marginal environments. Globally, there is a need to increase productivity and quality of the produce to meet the demand of ever increasing quality and health conscious consumers. Hence, a breakthrough in production technology of high value crops such as, vegetables that integrates market driven safe foods/ products driven quality parameters with the production system by ensuring vertical growth in the productivity.

With globalization of markets, shrinking land and climate change, the protected cultivation of high value crops has emerged as the single most important technology for ensuring, high productivity, improved quality and lucrative returns. Protected cultivation on commercial scale is undertaken in over 50 countries across the globe. First modern greenhouses were built in Italy in the thirteenth century to house the exotic plants. In India, green house technology started in 1980 and initially it was…
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