Potiki - Is Toko Maui?

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She blew his mouth and nostrils, and with two fingers lightly massaged his chest until the mucus began to drain freely. She took a pendant from her ear and put it on the blanket beside him. ‘Tokowaru-i-te-Marama. Ko Tokowaru-i-te-Marama te ingoa o tenei, ' she said. (Grace 36)
<br>The passage above comes from the book Potiki. It 's when granny Tamihana breathes life into Toko and gives him the name of her deceased brother. In Potiki, a novel written by Patricia Grace, we are introduced to a family that is given a special gift. That gift is in a form of a child named Toko. Toko isn 't any ordinary child for he knows all his past stories and has the ability to see future stories. Toko was born by Mary and is cared for by Mary 's brother
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Mary, not knowing what she was throwing into the ocean was her own child, mistakenly thought that she had found something that was alive and as she usually does throws what ever it was back into the ocean. This passage reflects the idea of "the left hand" and "turning aside" from the definition of Maui in that Toko was born premature. His left shoulder was lower than his right shoulder, which caused him trouble walking. As Toko grew older, his ability to support himself using crutches diminished and was bound to a wheelchair.
<br>When Toko was five, he went on a fishing trip with Hemi, James, and Tangimoana to catch bait for the next days fishing. He waited patiently and certainly enough there was a fish for him to catch. This part of the book is similar to the legend of Maui and. Maui also went on a fishing trip with his brothers and bragged that he would catch the bigger fish than his brothers would.
<br>I remember when the pull came. James, who was sitting by me, grabbed and held onto me so that I wouldn 't go over the side. I held on hard to my line. I remembered that for a moment there was nothing else, only holding – me holding the line, James holding me. Hemi took the other end of my line, unrolled some of it and tied it to the seat (Grace 49).
<br>This passage explains the process of Toko catching the big fish. Toko knew that that night when they would go out fishing there would be a special catch for him. So he prepared himself by grabbing the

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