Potlucks Case Study

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RECOMMENDATIONS Taking the overall insights, this section provides recommendations from the staff interviews on how to integrate food into SAGE’s mission and values. It is important to note that the recommendations provided in this section are not absolute, instead they are general ideas with the intention of sparking the conversation around improving the Food Services Program. These recommendations focus on SAGE’s core values but also keep financial limitations and the “food expectation dilemma” in mind. The issues of food literacy, building support groups, and intercultural connection are to be addressed through the following methods:
• Integrating small food events into programs
• Providing cooking classes and food workshops
• Creating
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One option could be to keep a donation jar near the food to offset some of the money spent. The second option would be to provide the space for hosting “mini snack potlucks” after programs instead. The programs could encourage people to bring snacks to share with the group. These mini potlucks could incorporate certain themes such as cultural food and diversity as well as healthy food. With seniors, there could be sensitive dietary restrictions such as ones related to diabetes, lactose, and gluten, to name a few. Hence, it is also important to keep in mind that these potlucks would need to be regulated to ensure that all allergies and restrictions are made aware of to the group. The staff could then decide whether certain food items should not be allowed at the potlucks or if warning labels should be used for certain foods. This second option would not only be more financially affordable for SAGE’s programs but also, addresses the issues of the food expectation dilemma by eliminating the constant expectation of SAGE programs providing food. It also encourages intercultural connection through diverse foods that people can bring from their own cultures with the potential to raise awareness about
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