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Topic:What was the significance and relevance of Potosi in the colonial society? Discuss the importance of Potosí as a mining center, large urban setting, and a land of opportunities for Europeans and Amerindians in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. During the colonial period sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Potosi was one of the most important and relevant regions in Latin America. Its importance was based on the great opportunities of mining, economic grow, land and jobs, etc that Potosí offered at the colonial time. Though the colonization process, Potosi became one of the largest cities in population and most important mining centers, creating at the same time a lot of jobs for Europeans, Amerindians and slaves producing…show more content…
Around 100,000 Indians move for 40 years to work in Potosi for mine work . In this way Europeans had labor to work on the mines, land and other jobs for free and become rich. The book "Silver and Entrepreneurship in Seventeenth-Century Potosi" show us that men who exploited silver mines used to be ordinary Spaniard that came to Potosi in the early stages. For example Antonio Lopez was an ordinary male, familiar and with not that much education, but he became a silver trader at Potosi. Lopez's experience as a silver trader brought him into contact with the processes of silver making in knowledge, and especially seems likely to have provided him with an education in the capital structure and operations of the industry. Potosi gives to Antonio Lopez the opportunity to grow economically and change him into an important person that delineates the economic and social history of Potosi . Like Lopez there were a lot of Spaniards that never worked with silver or were important persons, but in Potosi they became strongly important been silver traders. This opportunity was very attractive to any person in the old world; it was the main reason why Spaniards were moving to Potosi. Into the functions of the silver traders was also to provide credit for miners and refiners. These credits were like cash loans to supply materials, tools and other goods needed to make silver. Credits were given, of course, at interest . Silver was the key factor that makes Potosi
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