Pottsville Police Observation Report

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Officers were requested to assist West Mahanoy Twp with locating a female who is believed to be at Granny's. The female, Heather HECKMAN, is wanted by Pottsville after stealing a 40 caliber pistol from Louis TASSONE. Officers were informed the female pointed the pistol at someone shortly after stealing the pistol. TASSONE told Pottsville police that HECKMAN called him in a panic looking for a ride. I believe Pottsville PD said HECKMAN told TASSONE something about someone pulling a gun on her. TASSONE said he went in to the grocery store to buy things for HECKMAN and when he returned she and his pistol were gone. TASSONE said the pistol was in or next to the center console of his vehicle. HECKMAN was reported to have left the area in a silver…show more content…
PD (Tonkinson & Moyer), Pottsville PD, & Frackville PD (Wendy) were already there. We proceeded to Granny's and observed the silver Impala parked in the lot. Officer Moyer & Tonkinson spoke with the clerk who related the female is staying in room 29 and WHITTEN is in room 31. Room 29 was registered to TASSONE (the victim) who later authorized police to enter the room to search for HECKMAN. Before Pottsville PD was able to make contact with TASSONE for permission to search the room I was unable to make contact with anyone at room 29. I then tried room 31 and Marquese WHITTEN eventually opened the door. Another female was observed inside lying on the bed who was identified as Bobby Jo ROHRBACH. Pottsville police Officer asked Marquese on the whereabouts of HECKMAN and he said he had no idea where she was and hasn't seen her. When asked about her being in his vehicle he denied having any knowledge of it and said he has been driving his BMW all day. He said Bobby Jo ROHRBACH doesn't like HECKMAN so she hasn't been around. Pottsville PD requested for consent to check the room for HECKMAN and WHITTED granted permission. While inside a metal grinder with marijuana was observed lying in plain view on top of the table located against the wall to the right after you enter the front door. WHITTED was asked for request to search the room for the pistol, but refused permission stating we were messing with his sleep and said to get a warrant. After leaving the room the female, Bobby Jo ROHRBACH requested police to have her grinder returned to her. She was informed that it would not be returned to her. Before leaving I took custody of the grinder with marijuana and gave it to Officer
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