Potty Ground Pips

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Dogs are great companions and are very loyal. Giving them the proper obedience training is a good start for you, but you can’t forget to potty train or your fun and exciting experiences with your puppy can turn into a nightmare. So if you want a puppy but you are worrying about training, don’t worry these four simple steps will help you out.
To begin with this process, you might want to pick a potty spot. You should probably do this before you bring your new puppy home. Pick one spot outside and when you bring your pup out take her directly there. Dogs are animals of habit, if you do this consistently your pup will prefer to go there than in any other spot. After that you might want to get a crate where she will stay for a bit. Make sure the crate is big enough for her to lay down,
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Do not punish the dog if she poops and pees inside. If she gets punished, she will not understand why she got punished. If you catch her in the act interrupt her with a noise like “Ah! Ah!” or clap your hands. Don’t get too emotional with your interruption. Once you interrupt her grab her by the collar and take her outside to her potty spot. If she goes praise her, if not, then supervise her better next time. It can be frustrating at times, but don’t hit her or rub her nose in her mess, because she will then be scared of doing her business in front of you inside or outside. This will result in her instead of peeing on the carpet in plain sight, she will go hide somewhere where she thinks you can’t see her, which isn’t good This is the process of potty training your new puppy. This process might take 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months depending on how consistent you are and how much experience your puppy has. Remember not to punish her for her mistakes because she will get scared of you and see you as a crazy person. Also remember to praise her when she does good with a reward that she likes. Once she is trained you can have fun with your
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