Poultry Farm

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Koibatek poultry farm is amongst the fastest growing farms in Rift valley province. It’s located within Koibatek District.
The main purposes of poultry farms are to;
Provide High quality eggs in the rapidly growing eggs industry.
Promote the customer confidence
Have regard to the social and economic interests of the area
It’s only the effectively managed, high performing and better performance farms in the current society have been accorded their status.

The effective management and quality productivity of the farm is a central concern to the management in improving the performance of the farm. The departments include reception, personnel department, layers records, treatment and vaccinations, customers department and
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Implement a functional prototype poultry farm system that allows the farm’s records to be stored, displayed, searched, updated, and provides printing facilities to obtain hard copies of the data.

1.7 Research questions.

What is an Information System?
What are the benefits and limitations of an Information system?
How is an Information System classified?
What is Database Security?

1.8 Limitations.

A limitation of time will restrict the system development work. Clear definition concerning the time scope of and utilization of the project and utilization of the project management techniques will attempt to ensure that the project is completed successfully.
The availability of the management and staff for consultation and the associated time may be limiting due to their tight work schedules. The staff is based within the farm boundary, which is some distance from the headquarters. This poses restriction on contact and consequently may limit user involvement with the system development.



For most businesses, there are a variety of requirements for information. Senior managers need information to help with their business planning. Middle management needs more detailed information to help them monitor and control business activities. Employees with operational roles need information to help them carry out their duties.
As the result, businesses tend to have several “information
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