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South Thames College of London Strategic Marketing Management Unit 7 (CH004/TF9BA) Assignment Submission Document LIONEL BRICE MOCHE 1270897 LECTURER: John Sweeney INTRODUCTION AND…show more content…
This will help us to know what each stage is about! Stage | Process Description | Mission Statement | Vision of the company, motivate, guide and inspire the employees, direction, common purpose. | Corporate Objectives | To identify which particular market are we looking for and our interests? | Marketing Audit | Evaluation of the external and internal environment that might affect the business. | SWOT Analyses | Summary of the marketing audit, by searching the key points of the business. | Assumptions | Common agreement across the company. | Marketing Objectives and Strategies | Evaluation of the market and the products. | Estimate Expected Results | Field test, drawing up the expected profitability of the company. | Identify Alternatives Plans and Mixes | Hypothesis, back up plans if the first is not suitable. | Budget | Cost, resources, expenditures… | 1st Year Detailed Implementation Programme | Detailed strategy for one year with actions statements. | Table 3: Activities in the Marketing Planning Process The third table is to outline some of the activities we might find at each stage of the marketing process; this is brief summary of the importance of the different stages. Stage | Activities | Justification | Mission statement | Trying to define the company’s role, the business, our competence, and the
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