Poverty And Crime And The Social Class

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The social class, which is a division that determines one status in the society can lead to Class conflict. This happens when lower class try to compete for equal rights in the society. This can be seen in the 18th and 19th century in the story of crime in Britain. Poverty and crime were connected during the Victorian era and the justification of crime between the middle class and working class was different. I agree with the statement that the upper class have always suppressed the poor and the British criminal justice is an instrument of class warfare because of the industrial revolution which contributed to poverty by paying low wages which led to immoral habits by the poor and affected how the public responded to crime, the justification of crime by the public and the criminal justice was different between the social classes.
The Industrial Revolution and its effects: Poverty, immoral acts, rise of consumerism, middle class vs the working class.
The industrial revolution started in Britain in the 18th century and it was a transition from a rural society to an urban society. There was an increase in inventions and factories which led to more manufactured goods. The increase of factories led to an increase in employment rate as people were needed in production of goods. This made people to migrate to the cities in search of jobs and the population rate increase as the cities were developing. The industrial revolution gave rise to new social class: the middle and the

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