Poverty And Incarceration : Washington : Poverty & Race Research Action Council Essay

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Braman, Donald. Race, Poverty and Incarceration. Washington: Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2007. ProQuest. Web. 12 Nov. 2015. Barman Donalds article talks about a family that is suffering from poverty due to a father with a crack addiction problem and the naiborhood they live in the father is currently incarcerated for crack. Londa is a mother of three children and has a broken leg and has tried multiple times to fix their situation. This article gives an example of a real family and how all that is and what could be done to improve their situation. Further more in depth the article emphasizes more on where the criminal system has many flaws and how so much money is put into prisons incarcerating people on the daily as well as yearly. There is a great amount of research that proves how incarcerating people is not only a bad way to come about to some crimes. To some family’s there situation worsens in poverty due to perhaps a person that is accused for a crime and is then imprisoned waiting for something to happen their family is out in the world struggling to keep up with the bills and expenses. In most cases they have to pay large amounts of money to get people out of prison bails or other fees. Thus, perhaps the ones incarcerated are the money makers in a family worsen a families situation economically as well as mentally mainly the children due to this they will grow up without a father or a mother. In many occasions people in city’s or neighborhoods where

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