Poverty And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Edgar Perez
Mrs. Prince
ENG 1113
16 November 2016
Poverty in America As of 2013 approximately 45 million people in America lived below the poverty line. In an average three-person household, an annual income of $20,090 is federally considered to be at poverty level. In the year of 2014, 44 percent of children under the age of 18 were living at or below the poverty level. Coming from a low economic standing can be detrimental for children’s physical and mental states. Pursuing a higher education without proper funding can become nearly impossible. Most importantly however, without income of some sort children can go hungry. The poverty crisis in America not only affects the adults but it truly affects children through nutrition, education, and psychological factors. Food is an essential part of our health and what we choose consume can affect our lifestyle. Human beings have a cycle, which includes eating, sleeping and reproducing. Out of all the elements of the cycle, eating is the most important but also the most expensive to maintain. Living in poverty and not having enough income to purchase food can be devastating to a family and their health. The children’s health is affected the most because in early childhood, it is important that a child has adequate nutrition to ensure healthy growth, a strong immune system and cognitive development. Proper nutrition is vital to the growth and development of a child. Not having a sufficient amount or the right kinds of food at a…
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