Poverty And Its Effects On Poverty

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“Each day, 963 million people go hungry” (Finley). People from all aspects of life are affected by poverty. The richest and the poorest countries have all stared the beast of poverty directly in the face. The poor are not only deprived of things like food, water, housing, and education that make up the typical guidelines of life, but they are deprived of luxuries. As we see the world around us evolve in it’s ways of architecture, transportation, and fashion, we also see that the poor are not welcome to this change. They are so busy longing for the necessities of life, that they don 't get to take pleasure in the advances of the world. Some areas affected by poverty have been so deprived of advancement that when they are compared to the typical guidelines of life they look like they are half a century behind the modern world. The life of luxury has become greatly desired by the public, but the typical guidelines of life and wealth are not globalized, leaving the poor behind.
Poverty is a life threatening issue in India. Its deathly grip in India prevents some kids from waking up in the morning, from some mothers awakening at the tug of their tiny child, it 's a truly horrifying issue. “ There are more than eight million slum dwellers in Mumbai alone, but everyone recognises that this is a convenient - not accurate - number” (Prashad). Mumbai is only the capital of India and it contains more than eight million people who are left to live in the slums because of poverty.…
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