Poverty And Its Effects On Poverty

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Poverty cannot be defined as being affected by a few set examples, rather it is the result of an infinite number of factors. Human behavior, which is highly unpredictable, dictates what a person’s economic status will be. “Although the causes of poverty are varied, Americans strongly endorse individual responsibility as a primary cause” (Mistry et al. 704). However, it is not always their own decisions that will predict their outcome. Opportunity remains just as large of a decider as does dedication. Though it is impossible to list all the reasons for which someone may end up in poverty, sources such as the Census have thoroughly informed the public about the most direct influences. The impact that studies on poverty will make are unprecedented and can only get better. More knowledge on how other people in the same country are living will eliminate the chance of turning a blind eye as the information will be incapable of being ignored. As of right now, those in Beverly Hills, California cannot possibly know what life is truly like for those living on the other side of the country in the impoverished neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. In part, people choose not to see the undesirable and saddening situations that some are in. If they are not directly affected then they will feel empathetic, but not inclined to contribute aid. The gap of wealth between the wealthier Americans and the impoverished is enormous, yet still unseen. The differences between the two on each end of…
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