Poverty And Its Impact On Education

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Many people have to fight poverty everyday and the worst thing about it is the fact that it has infiltrated our school systems. Many factors cause this higher unemployment rate and those related to education are on the top of the list. When these cities and towns enter states of poverty the schools are allotted less and less money so the aspect of education takes the backseat. Students are crippled intellectually because of the low grade resources and teachers they are given. This is happening all over the country of the United States of America and everyday but the most affected areas are smaller urban and rural parts of the country. The following articles address this issue: R. Buck and J. Deutsch (2014) “Effects of poverty on education;” M. Gordon and M. Cui (2014) “School-Related Parental Involvement and Adolescent Academic Achievement: The Role of Community Poverty;” T. Capra (2009) “Poverty and its Impact on Education: Today and Tomorrow.” The authors of these articles have searched long and hard to find the problem in the system and bring them to light. In trying to solve this problem this paper will ask as follows: What really causes the impoverished education? The community is where the schools, families, students, and everything exists. When a community as a whole is below or at the poverty line educational achievement becomes that much dimmer. Income is the leading factor when it comes to poor communities. When community income is low, taxes drop which means
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