Poverty And Minimum Wage Is Low

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Poverty and minimum wage being low
Lakeesha Grass GEN499: General Education Capstone Instructor: Sonja Bethune
June 29, 2015

Increasing minimum wage will great be of beneficial to nearly 28 million workers among the nation. It will also insist businesses as well, by increasing the wages this will cause additional money to be in individuals’ pockets, in which they will put back into the economy by purchasing goods and services into their populations. Minimum wage has been a hot seat for debate. If the leaders in this current society could manage to raise minimum wage, there would be countless of families that could benefit from it. The minimum wage need to be raised for the fact that the cost of living has raised up significantly. Education is vital if an individual desires to work, also the cost of education has went up tremendously over the past twenty years. Any company should be able to compensate workers what they want to, which is more than the current minimum wage. With upcoming technology and our technology as of now work is tougher and further complex. An increase in minimum wage would increase the wages of several workers also enhance benefits to those workers that are disadvantaged. Since the cost of living has went up tremendously, it has become nearly impossible to raise a family on a minimum wage job. An individual that is living on their own can’t make it on minimum wage jobs. Their living expenses would be way too much. To a family
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