Poverty And Minimum Wage ( Temp Title )

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Ethan Wilhm
Professor Amy Click
English Composition 1
11 October 2017
Poverty and minimum wage (temp title) Based on the poverty threshold, or the smallest annual salary required to live as determined by the government, more than forty million people in America live in poverty (“UC Davis Center for Poverty Research”). That’s forty million people who make less money than the bare minimum required to support themselves or their family. Of those forty million, nineteen and a half million make less than fifty percent of the bare minimum they need to support themselves (“UC Davis Center for Poverty Research”). The only reason many of these people or families can support a stable life is thanks to many government welfare programs. Worst yet is
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The only changes made to this value have been to adjust for inflation (“What is the Current Poverty Rate in the United States”), additionally this value is, for the most part, left unchanged when applied to families from other states (“What are poverty thresholds and poverty guidelines”). These large generalizations result in multiple factors and their impact on a family budget being insufficiently covered. Factors such as the differing cost of housing, food, and services between the states, modern technology’s growing presence in the workplace, car payments, and more are not adequately expressed in the poverty threshold. This ultimately ends with a troubling misinterpretation of the minimum income needed to survive in a modern environment. Supporting yourself or your family off minimum wage pay is exceedingly difficult. Modern day expenses are too much to support off minimum wage, and people will inevitably start to cut back certain expenses which could end up hurting them later. Created by Amy K. Glasimeier, a professor of economic geography and regional planning at MIT, in 2004; the living wage calculator calculates a living wage value which represents the minimum hourly wage a family unit needs to support a bare minimum life style (“The Living Wage Calculator”). The living wage calculator

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