Poverty And Poverty

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Over the years, poverty has become an issue that is growing drastically and more people are starting to succumb to it and are falling below the poverty line. Poverty is like an epidemic that is constantly spreading because it has many causes to it. Poverty is the faceless enemy that exists in today’s society and targets those who are incapable of fighting against it and those who cannot support themselves. It is a never-ending nightmare of living life in hunger, without shelter, being exposed to a series of illnesses, being jobless, fearing for the future, and living life one day after the other without knowing what to expect. For these reasons, the United Nations is trying its best to help those who are in dire need. More attention needs…show more content…
When a child grows up in poverty, he or she is extremely disadvantaged and does not get an education. Then he struggles to find a job often without success. Therefore, his family remains in poverty and the cycle continues without change. Due to this cycle’s never-ending path, a solution needs to be implemented in order for the global food crisis to recede. It is estimated that "Earth will have 9 billion people by 2050, and we need a 33 percent jump in food productivity” (Clemmitt). If the conditions remain as they are currently, then by 2050 majority of the world will suffer from hunger and remain in poverty. This is because currently, “35 percent of the population is undernourished, the price of the major food staple, rice, soared 186 percent, and overall food prices rose 70 percent” (Clemmitt). Many people find hunger and poverty as overwhelming problems and believe the panacea for these issues are impossible, but “‘Hunger is a solvable problem,’ Leach of World Food Program USA says. ‘We are smarter now in terms of understanding the causes of hunger and in having creative strategies to address hunger’” (qtd.in Price). As time progresses, it is becoming evident that flourishing countries and organizations are working on ways to reduce hunger by providing funds and food banks in order to alleviate poverty and eventually lessen the food crisis. Due to poverty’s overarching burden upon families,

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