Poverty And Poverty

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Poverty is a worldwide social issue that has affected many people in many different types of ways. It can be defined as the state of not having enough money to support the needs that you have. In the book “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, the okies were treated really bad when they first arrived due to people seeing them as someone who just came to steal the things that people there already had. The term okie means scum, we can see how people were already making fun of them without them doing anything to them in the first place. As you can see, poverty played a role in the way that okies were treated when they first arrived, because they were migrants and everyone saw them as people who were going to end up doing bad things. Poverty…show more content…
Lastly but not least, in order for students to do good in school they need to eat, therefore free meals need to be available at all time for low income students. Crimes happen everyday in the world and the number of crimes increase every time. Poverty has had a connection with the crimes that people commit everyday. In america, crimes are often the cause of people who do not have enough money, and therefore they do crimes to get the money that they need. Unemployment is the reason why most people commit crimes. In the article, “Poverty and crime “ by Maurice Ward, it informs us that wherever you find poverty you will also find crime behind it. Poverty also influences young students who are poor to not only commit crimes, but to also do drugs. In order to stop low income students from committing crimes, students have shown that keeping children at school reduces crimes. For example, at schools they teach youths how to act and they also often teach them values. The author says, “ Schools don’t just teach you about history or math, they also teach you how to live in society” ( Paragraph 7). We can infer how poverty forces people to commit crimes because many of them can not go to school, and without school people can not get a job that pays good. Therefore, they get tired of not being able to provide money for themselves and their families. Pregnancies happen all over the world. Poverty can sometimes affect the pregnant women that live in poor conditions, and

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