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Although many see poverty as a choice, made by those who are lazy and prefer to do nothing but expect to reap the same benefits of people who work hard every day to provide for their families. In some cases this may be true but, poverty will wreak havoc on any and all of those who have the misfortune of crossing paths with it. Poverty is alive and well throughout the world, and it has an unyielding pulse here in the United States. It has been discovered that "The poorest families in America are those headed by people who are shortchanged even in times of prosperity" (Gallaway, & Garrett, 2016, p. 1). US Census data estimates 46.7 million people or 15 percent of Americans now live below the poverty line, including 1 in 3 households…show more content…
They are at a higher risk of engaging in addictive activities, and without the proper health care that could provide a viable option for treatment. They remain impaired. Additionally, if parents are suffering from these addictions; their children may have a higher risk of also suffering from this disease. The National Institute on Drug Abuse Advanced Addictive Science (2014) stated, "Some people who suffer from social anxiety, stress-related disorders, and depression begin abusing drugs in an attempt to lessen feelings of distress"(p. 3). The stressors of living below the poverty line can ultimately lead to addictive behaviors; alcoholism, smoking, and even sex as a means of escape from the realities of their hellish conditions. These addictive habits are expensive; many argue that how can people so poor afford to maintain these habits? When a bottle of wine is $8, vodka is $15, and methamphetamines ¼ gram a day $25. Those who pick up smoking cigarettes as a stress reliever, it can cost up to $177 a week if they smoke a pack a day. Some may argue if they can come up with the money to support a drug or alcohol habit, they can and should use that same determination to change their poor conditions. Poverty cannot be a scapegoat for addiction, but instead, it should be the driving force behind an individual 's commitment to reverse their conditions and turn poverty into prosperity. Some turn to

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