Poverty And Socialism In The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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In the book, “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair, we read about a family that comes to America Hoping to have their wishes become a their reality. Sadly to no avail their new american life is nothing like what they wished and hoped it would be like. The family went through way too pain, disaster , loss , and hardship. It was a rude awakening all over america to the hardship and adversity that the lower class had to endure. It depicts corruption and crime in large food companies and on the streets. The book is mainly about a man named Jurgis Rudkis as he and his wife, Ona and their family travel to America with hope and determination during the time period referred to as “The Gilded Age.” Upton Sinclair Wrote this book to bring forth attention, to push socialism, but instead enlightened readers to what was really going on behind the scenes in the places that consumers get their well payed for food from. In the Sinclair novel he had pointed out how many working men engaged in dishonest practices. They did not care what so ever how they treated the men working for them as long as they got the job done. If you were rich you were to be treated like a god and if you did not have the money they did not care if you died. The business owner just want the work done so that they are making money. They had no remorse for the workers, many of the men who worked there died because the of the unsuitable working conditions and the unsafety problems the factories had within it closed doors. Jurgis was one of those unfairly treated working men. At first he did everything that was asked of him and even more. He was loyal, kind, respectful, and a hard working honest man. He moved to America to have a better life but as i have already informed you. Throughout the book, Jurgis lost his entire family, his wife, his children,and close friends. He lost it to the people who did him wrong in so many ways. He was just trying to be a better man and give a better life to him and his family. Jurgis was a great man who turned into a bad man because of some bad things that happened in his american life. He did not want it to go the way that it did. But by the end of the book he turned into a better man and changed his life around for the
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