Poverty And The American Dream

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In 2000, the poverty rate among children was 16.2% (Reef 253)! Poverty is a relevant issue that isn 't going away. It 's ruining minds and lives at the same time. Poverty changes how people view the American Dream, achieve the American Dream, and even affect how people 's brains work and develop.
With all of the media 's hatred of poor people, it must affect their self-confidence and how they view the American Dream. Through her experience, Jennifer Mayer has noticed that very problem. While working in the soup kitchen, she noticed that most of the people who came in lived in "survival mode" and only lived "day-to-day" with no real goals. They had no dreams of success because they believed it to be impossible (Mayer). One reason for this self-esteem issue is their lack of education. Since poor people rarely have a college education, they feel like they have no future. This can often cause them to give up on their dreams and resort to crime (Reef 225-226). Also, because poor people are below America 's social and economic system, they will often give up on their dreams.
Mass immigration also causes lots of poverty in America. America is considered to be a land of opportunity, but when immigrants arrive they often struggle more in America than they did in their previous country. Whether the problem is learning a new language or just fitting in with society, immigrants always struggle with fitting in with our foreign society ("The Immigrant American Dream" 578-579). When that…
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