Poverty And The American Dream

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42% of kids born in poverty will not get out. Today, more Americans are falling below the poverty line and are struggling trying to find a way to get out. The Inequality gap in America has increased for the past few decades. Resulting from Economic Inequality in America, 400 Americans share more than 50% of America’s total wealth. These 400 Americans are the Top 1%. While the Top 1% are living luxurious lives, the Bottom 99% is struggling to make ends meet. Inequality is nothing new to the United States. In fact, it is a serious problem for America’s Economy, Democracy and the Middle Class.
Economic Inequality is the thing that makes the United States the Land of Opportunity to many immigrants. Many Immigrants relocate themselves and/or families for the purpose of experiencing “The American Dream”. The American Dream is the dream of Democracy, Equality and a better opportunity through hard work and dedication. Without the American Dream, there wouldn’t be any inventors or hard workers. If everyone in America was paid the same no matter what occupation, they had, the United States would’ve been a Socialist country. In order to avoid being a Socialist country, America turned to Economic Inequality. The United States accepted Economic Inequality because of the belief that capitalism can’t work without it. Economic Inequality creates the gap that separates the Rich from the poor based off of the wages one gets from their occupation. As Economic Inequality helped the United…
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