Poverty And The Homeless Population Essay

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percent increase since the homeless count in 2013 (Halstead). These numbers are only expected to go up in the coming years, as long the problem of not enough room in shelters exist.
In addition to the individual homeless population growing, the streets of Marin will see another consequence that the county faces due to this problem. The community will see a significant increase in the number of homeless families. Marin now more than before is seeing more families living on the streets. According to Marin county, as of January 29, 2015 there was a total of 1,309 homeless people. That is a 38% increase since January 2013. However, that count does not account for those homeless who find alternative shelters, such as, cars, and under passes. Another study revealed that 15% of the overall homeless population are families with children. 35% of those surveyed for the 2015 count said that this was their first time experiencing homelessness. 51% said that they had been homeless for a year or more (Marin County Census). With these alarming statistics, it has become quite clear what the impact of lack of shelter spaces in Marin County has done a significant amount of damage to the community.
Home values will decrease as the homeless population increases. People believe that if there are shelters near their homes that the value will decrease significantly. Having homeless people lingering around one’s house can be disturbing to residents, especially in Marin for those who pride…
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