Poverty And The Hunger Epidemic

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Introduction –

In many parts of the world people go hungry every day and they don 't have the means to feed themselves or the security that they will eat again. The lands no longer bear fruit and cannot provide for those who counted on them to both survive and make a living. One such example is Ethiopia in Africa, and it is a hot zone of the hunger epidemic. Poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths in children under 5 ( 3.1 million children each year), as well as on a lesser note 1 in 4 of the world 's children have their growth stunted because of hunger. Meanwhile agriculture is a staple in most economies and Ethiopia is without that suffering leaving it with no food security. Ethiopia is in dire need of help with its hunger
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This is where the United States have a technological advantage because they can take on fertile lands and make them farmable overtime to both turn profit and feed their hungry unlike those needs help you who did not have the resources nor the ability being and developing country.
In Ethiopia it is hard for them to set up rural communities because they do not have a stable source of food and Life for them all to live together. Contrastingly to that of a small farm community and say Arkansas, they are able to live all together because they share each other’s crops and grow together and benefit from each other’s strengths. However in both instances both communities tried to bind together to support each other and develop a better economic and societal structure.
The issue of hunger has so many effects on both the United States and Ethiopia, and yet they differ because the United States has so many advances on the Ethiopian. Ethiopia will never be at the same level as the United States unless it was given to help them set up the processes however the US is still combating their own hunger issues as well.

Solution –

To help combat this issue there are a few things that could be done to fight hunger in Ethiopia. Through programs being implemented water could be brought in and the soil could be told so that it could finally be able to be farmed. With proper irrigation systems and training programs implemented Ethiopians could be trained how
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