Poverty And The Hunger Games

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Poverty has been a long-lived global phenomenon, affecting many people’s way of life and their survival on earth. In the United States, poverty is an issue that has been battled since our nation’s birth, and the fight seems endless. The depiction of worldwide poverty and specifically poverty in America is exemplary in many American films. Two that reveal this global issue are The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and The Hunger Games (2012).
Regarding current poverty rates in the United States,
“Individuals also transition into and out of poverty over time, though many of those who are poor at any given time will spend multiple spells in poverty. Research shows that transitions into or out of poverty often happens after major life events such as
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Ultimately, poverty has became a part of life for many Americans and even though official numbers on poverty appear to be improving, people are still feeling the effects of poverty. Everybody would like to stop Poverty in the world, but with the inequalities in education, employment, and economic opportunities, this would be near impossible to ever accomplish.

(Source: http://thecrux.com Accessed on July 14, 2017).
The image above shows what appears to be an impoverished family and the lack of a father/male guardian in the photo, suggests the mother may be providing for the family by herself. I grew up a young boy with a single mother who raised me for some time before she met my stepfather. Up until that point, besides being loved unconditionally and not missing a meal, I didn’t have many things that other kids had, or not until much later on. It’s rather unfortunate that even with the infinite evolvement of technological inventions, poverty remains an issue in such a developed nation.

(Source: http://www.motherjones.com Obtained on July 14, 2017).
The above illustration reveals just how expensive it is to merely live in most major cities in the United States. This shows the legal, federal poverty income line at $23,550 which is comparable in my knowledge as an E-3 in the U.S. Military’s income (give or take a bit). The point being made is that the average American household cannot even
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