Poverty And The Poor Learning Environment

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The marginalized children undergo the life of poverty as a result of different natural or man-made calamities, tradition of certain ethnic groups, and the institutional settings. HIV on the other hand, increase the marginalization of children as poverty pushes orphan and poor children to city streets, and often guardians encourage children to live on the streets begging for assistance, in turn support their families with a little amount of money they collect. In the same fashion, disabilities leads to the marginalization of children, where parents feel an indignity to have children with disabilities in public. Woods (2008) study indicates 3,500,000 children with various disabilities, an proximate of 1,000,000 nomadic children, and 2,100,000 orphan children lived in Tanzania in 2003 most of them vulnerable to education exclusion. Orphan children tend to suffer from exploitation and marginalization in families where they live. Poor Learning Environment In reality, there is considerable information about poverty and the poor learning environment in Tanzanians schools. However, rural schools depict the shocking environments in which the marginalized children accept as their living and learning places. A few people have posted images on their blog posts for drawing public sensitivity about the situation. For example, these blog posts, "Umaskini Tanzania" (Poverty in Tanzania); Elimu bora silaha ya kupamba na umaskini (quality education is a weapon for fighting Poverty). These…
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