Poverty And The Poverty Of Poverty

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Despite living in poverty, it is a struggle and there are many causes for this, it has been said that those in poverty choose to live that way, often being called and/or labeled lazy or ignorant. Countless of those living in poverty are being treated like second-class citizens. Rather than staying in poverty and constantly living off others, they should get jobs, is a comment often heard. There are resources available to assist women, with education, daycare and housing to help women improve their future and the future of their children; poverty for women is at an all-time high in this country and getting a job is not always the only solution to this equation. Many people who live in poverty are often offered the jobs that are at a very low wage therefor one would not be able to improve their lives living on a minimum wage paycheck, often taking a job for minimum wage makes the poverty situation worse than it was before. I hope to show that it is possible to move past poverty moreover, that people do not choose to live that way. Many in poverty need to have the motivation to change, until they have that and are given an opportunity along with respect to lift their self-esteem, and know they are worthy human beings, they are being set up to fail before they even start. The amount of women living in poverty today is at an all-time high. More women live in poverty than men do; this is for both women with children and women without children. As shown on the Henry J.

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