Poverty Around the World

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Outline Thesis: Every person around the world should be concerned with poverty. It is not just one person or one nation’s problem. The effects of poverty have a tendency to burden generation after generation thus causing a domino effect with the aim of many other issues around the world. The concern of poverty consequently produces problems for everyone, which is why we all should take part in eradicating poverty. I. Poverty has a direct impact on the economy. A. Bankruptcies increased 36.4% over the period of the recession. B. 1 in 4 workers are making $10 or less on their job. C. the number of food bank users jumped 18% in 2009. II. The increase in poverty runs parallel with the rise in unemployment, hunger and crime. A. With…show more content…
Without this extension, even more people would have fallen into poverty. Thus creating more people to rely on assistance from the government, or worst, go without food. Hunger is directly related to economics and other factors that cause poverty like the poor infrastructure of a country and inflation. Some people have to decide whether to put food on the table or to pay the rent/mortgage. In America, the cost of living outran the inflation, with food prices rising 4.9% and rent increasing 2.3% (Marketwire). With 1 and 4 workers making $10 or less on their job, it makes it harder to put food on the table. With the combination of inflation in food prices and the pay decrease in many households, food bank use also jumped 18% in 2009 (Marketwire). This has caused many people to go hungry and become undernourished. All it would take to stop the hunger problem would be for every single one of us to make a commitment to bring a food item or two to our local food banks every week. A can of soup, Spam, vegetables or anything that is non-perishable. If we all did this, and encouraged others to do it, there would be no empty shelves at the food banks, no turning away of hungry families. All people should have life necessities. We all need food, water, clothes and shelter. If you feel a need within your heart to offer a person a helping hand, that's a great deed. Where there is poverty, there is also crime,

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