Poverty As A Social Problem

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Poverty as a Social Problem
Magdalena Brania
Mrs. Kropf
May 27, 2015

Poverty is inscribed in the history of the world, but it is not inherent fate of every human being. It is also not related to the human nature, which does not mean that it can not be due to its nature. All communities experience it, with a greater or lesser extent way causing psychological and sociological conflicts. Society who have to deal with poverty is not only from undeveloped countries, but also developed countries, those high up on the global ladder of economic development. In each of these societies poverty have another dimension because of its range, radius and depth as well as different factors which may determine it. Poverty is one of the most significant components of determining the pathology of a social life in the sense of the most dramatic: the existential, institutional and political. It is a dangerous component that increases the gap between different social classes, and causes inability to meet the needs, which often leads to depression, and deviant behaviour in life. Thus, poverty is widespread and dangerous but what is even worse is the number of changes is observed which are constantly deepen and broaden. Poverty in everyday life is considered a situation in which there is insufficient meet of the basic needs of the individual, to be reduced further into the realm of existential necessity, which means bringing poverty only to the material dimension of social life.…
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