Poverty Between Poverty And Poverty Essay

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Poverty in America is severe. One third of our population lives under the poverty line. The poverty line being a family of three or more surviving on $36,000 or less. This transfers to 20.5 million people. Seven million of these people being women with children. 6.7% of our population has an income less than 9,000 for a family of three. These numbers are astounding and they are only on the rise. This means that more families are going without food. This means more children are starving and getting sick and dying. One in four families are going without food. This is a huge problem. Everyone says that poverty is a problem but most people are ignorant to the fact that it is beyond our comprehension how big it is. Many think it is easily solved just by getting a job. Minimum wage is ten dollars. Most people living under the poverty line are working minimum wage and struggling to make ends meet. This now totals 103 million, meaning that one-third of the population with an income of 36,000 for a family of three. Out of the 20.5 million, 6 million have no income at all other than food stamps. As Ronald Reagan’s once said, “we fought a war with poverty and poverty won.” This problem is so common and widely spread that if you walk outside your door and drive ten minutes you will find a place where there are homeless people living without a shelter. Just driving to my local grocery store; two minutes away, there is a homeless camp in the parking lot not too far from the door.
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