Poverty Between Rich And Poor Countries

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Countries of the world can clearly be divided into rich and poor. These rich and established countries already having a developed education system, health care system, and strong central government where as these poor and developing countries are struggling with all of the above. Poor countries also suffering from terrible diseases, crime, and corruption on all fronts, including government; something that these rich and powerful countries know not much about. However, when the question comes up, “Do these rich nations owe poor nations?” The answer should and always be no. Rich countries are not responsible for the huge amounts of debts that these developing countries are in, they are not responsible for the misuse of grants and loans giving to these developing countries, and they are certainly not responsible for all of the corruptions in government and commerce that take place in most of these developing countries. With that being said, these rich countries do not owe these poor developing countries anything, but should aid in their development. With the gap widening between rich and poor nations, this cycle will continue until the gap is too wide to be fixed. These established countries must take more responsibility into assisting these developing countries and bridging the gap between rich and poor. Wealthy countries have an obligation to maintain and grow their own wealth in order to keep a stable economy. The economic term “pareto optimal” is the idea that one cannot
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