Poverty, By Oliver Twist

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The tattered-greasy haired girl rummages through the rancid garbage looking for anything to fill the empty void in her growling stomach. While rummaging she finds a piece of moldy bread and devours it without a second thought. Her undoing correlates to Oliver’s poverty-stricken life throughout the novel. There are many themes throughout this novel, but one of the more outstanding ones is poverty. It is understood that no matter how hard an individual can work their background and how they come about always comes back and bites them. Within Oliver Twist Oliver’s background of poverty plays a major role on how he is introduced to the world and it is also a basis of his value to society and how he is treated. In the novel Oliver Twist,…show more content…
Furthermore, it depicts the many faults to society on how the poor are looked at. Many people look at homeless or panhandlers and hate them, because of their “laziness” without realizing what got them there, such as Oliver he was put into the coffin makers home and valued at lesser than the dog just because of where he came from and how he was conceived. It is evidently obvious of the social class gap, and how poverty and high class individuals continue to keep the gap from closing. One of the many examples demonstrated would be Fagin and how he not only treated the boys, but what he had taught many of them. When Oliver is being chased down with people repeatedly yelling “Stop thief! Stop thief!” for a crime that he did not commit, further shows just how the society is (Dickens 83). Due to a member of the higher class Oliver is chased and hit just because the old thinks that it is him who pickpocketed him. It is evident when no one asks about details of the crime or is the old man was sure that it was Oliver that this normally happens and kids can be thrown into jail for a crime that they did not commit just because it is their word against an individual with moneys word. The continuous play on poverty and class is used in many different ways within the novel in order aid in conveying the message of unfairness of the living conditions of
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