Poverty Causes Of Poverty

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Madagascar is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has such a diverse selection of flora and fauna. The country is known for housing many species of animals that other countries do not. Madagascar has over 200,000 different species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc (“Madagascar Wildlife for Kids”). Their landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, with gorgeous sunsets in the springtime to tie in the beauty. But, then you move along to the towns of Madagascar, and these are the most devastating of all. With Madagascar suffering heavily from poverty, their lifestyle is tragic. Their living conditions are poor, healthcare is almost non-existent, jobs are limited, and education is deteriorating. The way in which these people live is truly heartbreaking to see. Madagascar is in major poverty for a number of reasons. One reason the country suffers is because of the past Kleptocratic Rule it endured, which affected its money situation greatly. The previous French Dictator, Didier Ratsiraka, and other workers of the government stole excessive amounts of money from the “Aid and Development of Madagascar Fund.” This kind of corruption caused friction when the country tried to invest and trade with other countries(“Why is Madagascar so Poor?”). A poorly organized government can lead to a poorly organized country, which is another reason why Madagascar suffers. There are only about 5,780 kilometers of paved roads out of the 49,827 kilometers of marked roads the country has. The road conditions, as one can imagine, are dreadful. Cyclones and other types of annual storms are to blame for this. But, to help build and repair roads, the past President, Marc Ravalomanana, helped to repair the damaged infrastructure the country holds. Furthermore, the Madagascar has a very small population of about twenty-four million people, meaning that there is not a lot of money being funneled into the government, which can be a leading problem in lack of infrastructure. Lastly, due to the country’s shortcomings in the economy, no other country really wants to develop, transport, or sell goods there, which is a problem when it comes to the citizens buying goods. This can also send market prices soaring, if some items

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